Shetland mapBy popular demand, we’ve created a range of Shetland-themed products for gifts or personal purchase. Simple, classic designs or slogans that celebrate Shetland language, heritage and humour. We’ve added a news page to gather Shetland-related news from around the web and weather resources that are always relevant in this part of the world.

The Shop

The T-shirt designs started more than a decade ago as a bit of fun for family gifts, handmade using iron-on print paper, and now that family have grown and time has moved on it seems like a good time to share this humour and celebration of Shetland language and dialect with everyone.

This online shop is partnered, for now, with the Redbubble print-on-demand service, so clicking links on this website will take you through to the Redbubble shop for purchase. The shetlander.co.uk shop features T-shirt designs for now but there are a huge range of other products available using the same designs over at Redbubble. We’ll add some of them here in due course. We’ll also add new designs regularly, so check back along or follow us on social media.

The News

The news page on shetlander.co.uk features thumbnail images of stories published online by other news services. Clicking on the thumbnail will take you to a link to the original story. All content is attributed to the original publisher and is shared here to promote their own web presence while collating Shetland themed news from around the web.

The Links

We’ve added some links at the lower left of each page that take you to either social media or Shetland themed websites. We’ll add more or change them in due course and look at adding other Shetland resources to the website. Why not make shetlander.co.uk your home page, and get the weather and news links every day?


Thanks for visiting and remember to check back for gift ideas. We’ll continue to add new designs for events, seasons and occasions. Wear your Shetland heritage with pride.